Best time to visit Australia

Australia; famed for its good vibes, great people and even better weather, it’s easy to understand why so many travellers venture across the pond in pursuit of adventure and endless possibilities. It’s like Charles M Schulz once said, “don’t worry about the world ending today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” 

In the land down under, there’s always an amazing new view to behold, an undiscovered beach to sprawl out on, exciting activities to try out and exotic wildlife to befriend. Whether you’re an avid surfer looking to tackle the gnarly waves on the Gold Coast, or a sun-baby wanting to revel in the rays in the tropical North Queensland region - whatever the weather, there’s something for everyone in Australia, mate. 

But choosing the best time to visit this sun-soaked land can be a little tricky, depending on what sort of holiday you’re prepping for, how long you’d like to stay, if you’re looking to tie your trip in with any key festivals or holidays, and of course, if you’re looking to travel on a budget. But fear not, our expert team here at good trip has shared their best tips on choosing the best time to visit Australia.

So you wanna go to the land down under? Take a read of our guide and say G’day to your Aussie adventure…

The weather

The first thing to consider when planning a trip across the pond is the weather. Whilst most associate Australia with year-round sunny weather, this vast-stretching land is actually home to tropical, subtropical, desert and temperate climates – from sticky tropical rainforests which experience incredible downpours, to metropolitan cities which can get a little chilly, not to mention the snow-capped mountain ranges and baking beaches, there’s certainly a lot to prepare for.

The seasons 

The good news is, aside from the subtropical regions, the majority of Australia is home to the four classic seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. And because this is the land down under (it’s situated in the Southern Hemisphere) these seasons occur in reverse to the UK or any Northern Hemisphere country. This means that Australia’s winter takes place from roughly June to August, and things really heat up in December through to February, during the country’s summer months, particularly in the north. It’s important to remember though, that due to Australia’s vast size (7.692 million square kilometres to be precise), the weather can drastically vary from region to region, even during one single season. 

Summer: December - February 

During Australia’s summer months, the average daily temperatures can range from a palatable 20 degrees celsius, all the way up to the 38 degrees celsius in some of the hotter regions. Many local Northern Aussies like to escape to South Australia to avoid the scorching temperatures, but if you think you can handle the heat, then Queensland may be your best bet for that deep bronze tan and a Christmas to remember if you’re looking to travel around December-time. 

Best places to go and things to do in the summer:

  • Hitch a hike - If you’re a keen walker, or just love a good view, then opting for a hike to one of Australia’s National Parks is for you. From Noosa National Park in Queensland to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, there’s plenty to choose from.
  • Catch a wave or two - Australia is known as a surfer’s playground, and for good reason, with some of the best waves gracing our planet, many surfers head to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in the summer, as well as Bondi Beach in Sydney and Byron Bay at Australia’s Eastern tip. (Don’t forget your gear!)
  • A slice of heaven - Or if waves aren’t quite your thing, but you still love to lounge on the beach, why not consider a day trip to the Whitsunday Islands? Situated just off the Northeast coast of Queensland, this collection of 72 islands offer powder-soft white sands and crystal clear waters. Before you go why not spoil yourself to a new swimsuit or a stylish beach bag!
  • See the sights - It wouldn’t be a trip down under without visiting the bustling city of Sydney. Enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset behind Sydney Opera House, marvel at the Royal Botanical Gardens or get adventurous and brave the Harbour Bridge walk - there’s much to do and see in this charming city.
  • Get wild - Fancy getting up-close and personal with a croc? Or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of cuddling a koala? Then a trip to Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo is a must-do for wildlife lovers.

Winter: June - August

Australia’s winter is an excellent time to visit, as there are less tourists, cheaper flights available and you can find great deals on accommodation, tours and expeditions. Although ‘winter’ typically alludes to colder climates, temperatures can still range from 10 degrees celsius up to 30 degrees celsius - with it being particularly warm in the southern region, including Adelaide and Melbourne. 

Best places to go and things to do in the winter:

  • Wine-d down - As temperatures drop in the winter, there’s nothing better than hitting up one of Australia’s award winning vineyards and tasting what many consider the country’s best produce: wine. Whether your tipple is Adelaide Hills’ smooth and silky Pinot Noir, or Barossa Valley’s rich and spicy Shiraz, there’s something for every vino lover in Oz. 
  • Dive in - Winter is the peak season in Cairns, which is widely known as the official gateway to The Great Barrier Reef. If you’re in Australia at this time of year, then this World Heritage site is a must-do - book onto one of the daily snorkel, boating or diving tours to see the beautiful playground of tropical fish and coral up-close.
  • Fancy a festival? July sees one of Australia’s biggest and best festivals, Splendour in the Grass, take place in North Byron Parklands, Byron Bay. Expect great camping, stunning views, a killer annual lineup and dancing all weekend long. Here are some of our favourite eco-friendly items to take when camping: Anti-insect sleepwear, natural dry shampoo, foldable reusable water bottle, bamboo fibre wet mitts, and a shoulder bag!
  • Coffee capital - Acclaimed for its killer brunches and incomparable coffee production, Melbourne is a must-visit destination for caffeine lovers. Plus, with an abundance of rooftop bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs and galleries, you won’t be lost for things to do (and eat) in this coastal city. 

High seasons

It’s worth noting that there are a couple of high seasons in Australia, when the tourists flood in, which means busier streets, and potentially more expensive flights and accommodation. These are roughly during the school holidays (July-August) and in the height of Australia’s summer months (December-February). If you’re looking to book a trip to Australia during these months, then we’d recommend booking flights early to take advantage of deals. 


Many consider the off-season, Australia’s spring and autumn months, as the best time to visit. This is because the weather is slightly more transitional, it’s less touristy and things tend to be a little cheaper. So if you’re looking to skip the crowds and keep the fees down, then the off-season may be the best time to visit Australia for you. 

So whether you’re looking for a backpacking adventure up the East coast, a gnarly surfing trip or a fast-paced city hopping break, there’s plenty to do and see in the land of Oz, depending on your preferences of course. Our advice would be to think about what you want for your trip down under, and before you know it, you’ll be booking those flights faster than you can say ​​”didgeridoo”… 

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