Best time to visit Belize

Belize has a subtropical climate and as a travel destination offers so many opportunities for adventure, relaxation and culture. More than half of the country is subtropical jungle or rainforest, and over 75% of it is under the protection of the government. With this and the stunning diving and snorkelling opportunities available around the beautiful beaches lining the Caribbean coast, the sea so warm it feels like a bath, there is something for everyone.

Belize is located on the northeast coast of Central America with a culture in line with many other Central American countries. Its official language is English though most Belizeans are multilingual, speaking the languages of the many cultures that make up the country. It has a small population, around 400,000, with people of African, Mayan, Spanish and British ancestry, a wonderful cultural melting pot of traditions.

The good trip team have tried to help you decide when the best time to go to this small, but fascinating country is.

When is the best time to go?

Belize is warm and tropical all year round. With average temperatures of 29 degrees and humidity levels on average around 83%, temperatures rarely drop below 16 degrees, even during the night, so prepare to be warm, whatever time of year you decide to go.

There are 2 main seasons, dry and wet.

The dry season runs from December to April with the lower temperatures during December, January and February. During these months you will get relatively cool days and lots of sun with temperatures around 23 degrees, and highs of 27 degrees. From March to April, just before the rainy season, the heat starts to gradually increase and the hottest days of the year will occur in April through to May, this period is a popular time for tourists to visit Belize as well as December and January.

The rainy season, which sees fewer tourists, is from May to mid November with the wettest months during September and October. Sunny days can be interrupted by heavy showers but they only last for an hour or two but with average temperatures around 27 degrees and highs of 32 degrees it can get very warm and uncomfortable as humidity levels are always high. There is always a possibility of hurricanes during the wet period.

Travelling during the dry season

If you want to relax on the beautiful beaches and dive or snorkel around the many stunning reefs, the dry season is probably the best time to go so don't forget your swimsuit and surf top. The waters off the east coast are warm and there will be plenty of blue sky, perfect for a beach holiday. The coastal resorts are cooler than the inland jungles and rainforests, and there will be much less chance of heavy rainfall interrupting your stay. 

It is also the peak travel season so some of these months will be busy, in particular around Easter. If you are thinking of venturing inland to do some jungle trekking, take advantage of the conditions. The dry season is less oppressive with lower humidity due to the lower levels of rainfall and therefore less intimidating than the rainy season.

Travelling during the wet season

Not surprisingly the rainy season is the time when fewer tourists travel. On the plus side this does mean that there are fewer people visiting so prices of attractions, accommodation and flights are likely to be cheaper.

Though rain showers tend to last only a couple of hours during this period, the volume of rain can make visiting certain areas dangerous, so you may find that some of the cave and water activities are closed while other activities can get cancelled. Just be aware of this and come prepared with alternative plans, check with tour operators to see what options are available.

If you are considering jungle trekking in Belize be aware of the insects that bite and although they bite all year round, they are way more prolific during the wet season. Be prepared to wear clothes that cover you from head to foot and take plenty of anti insect bite cream and antihistamines if you react badly. If you want to try and protect yourself at night then why not try anti-insect sleepwear.

Although travelling during the wet season is more of a challenge, it can provide you with the opportunity to save some money and avoid the crowds so it may be worth it.

Here are a few things you might want to throw in your bag before your adventure to Belize:

- Eco friendly, biodegradable sunglasses.

- Vegan mineral suncream.

- Organic cotton shorts.

- Trainers made from recycled materials.

- Recycled canvas, vegan shoulder bag.

- Recycled rubber, vegan travel organiser.

- Bamboo toothbrush travel case and bamboo toothbrush.

- Natural, organic deodorant.

And when you get back, don't forget your souvenir clothing to remember the great time away you had!