Unveiling the Magic of a Diverse Land

Welcome to the vibrant and enchanting world of India where colours, flavours and traditions blend seamlessly. From snow-capped peaks to tropical beaches, ancient temples to bustling cities this captivating country contains it all.

So you've decided to visit India, but are wondering when the best time to go is? Well let's explore the different seasons look at the best things to do during each one and hopefully help you decide.

India at a Glance

Before we dive into the seasonal wonders of India let's first look at some interesting facts.

India is the seventh-largest country in the world boasting a rich tapestry of cultures, languages and traditions.

Its climate varies widely from region to region helping to make India it a year-round destination for travellers.

In the northern parts, like Delhi and Rajasthan, the summers are scorching with temperatures soaring up to 40-45 degrees Celsius (104-113 degrees Fahrenheit). During the winter months, however, temperatures drop to a cool 10-15 degrees Celsius (50-59 degrees Fahrenheit).

Indian Temples

On the other hand, southern India, including Kerala and Tamil Nadu, has a tropical climate so summers can be humid with temperatures ranging from 30-35 degrees Celsius (86-95 degrees Fahrenheit), while winters remain pleasantly warm at around 20-25 degrees Celsius (68-77 degrees Fahrenheit).

Lets look at the seasons in more detail

Low Season (April to June)

Embrace the Serenity

The low season in India typically falls between April and June as the heat intensifies. While many tourists shy away from visiting during these months, it can be the perfect time to explore the country's less crowded destinations and get a taste of the local life, plus, you might get some great deals on accommodations and tour packages.

Best Things to Do During the Low Season

  • Explore the Himalayan Hill Stations by heading north to Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The hill stations provide a refreshing retreat from the summer heat during the low season and if you visit Shimla, Manali, and Mussoorie you can benefit from breathtaking views and lovely climates.
  • Experience a spiritual awakening by visiting Rishikesh or Varanasi, where the banks of the Ganges River come alive with spiritual rituals and yoga retreats, find your inner peace.
  • Discover the Western Ghats in Karnataka and Maharashtra, the greenery and flowing waterfalls create a magical atmosphere.

    Shoulder Season (October to March)

    Embrace the Diversity

    The shoulder season, spanning from October to March, is arguably the best time to visit India. The weather is mild and enjoyable in most regions and festivals are in full swing, offering you the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrancy of country's culture.

    Best Things to Do During the Shoulder Season

    • Experience Diwali and celebrate the festival of lights in October or November when the entire country is decorated with lamps, candles and colourful decorations.
    • Take a Golden Triangle Tour and explore the iconic cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur including historical monuments like the Taj Mahal and Amber Fort.
    • Try the South Indian Cuisine and taste the delicious dosas, idlis and spicy curries in the southern states during these pleasant winter months.

    Colourful Indian Spices

    High Season (July to September)

    Embrace the Warmth

    The high season in India, from July to September, coincides with the monsoon season in most regions. While this might not seem like the best time to travel, it can be a unique experience for those seeking beautiful green landscapes and a refreshing change from the usual tourist crowds.

    Best Things to Do During the High Season

    • Have a monsoon retreat by heading to the Western Ghats or the North eastern states like Meghalaya, the monsoon breathes life into the forests and waterfalls.
    • Witness the ceremonies of Teej and Raksha Bandhan if your visit falls in August.
    • Try a bit of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation as Kerala's monsoon season is the perfect time for these treatments as the humid weather is meant to enhance the healing process.

    What Is the Best Month to Visit India?

    If you're seeking more comfortable weather when you visit India then November and February are the best months to visit. During these months you can explore most of the country without having to deal with extreme heat or heavy rainfall and this makes it a better time for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

    What Month Is Hottest in India?

    April and May are the hottest months in India, especially in the northern regions. During this time the extremely high temperatures can make outdoor activities uncomfortable but retreating to the hills and mountains can provide a refreshing escape.

    Indian river

    What Months Are Cheapest to Visit India?

    The low season (April to June) is the cheapest time to visit India as the hot weather puts travellers off so you can find better deals on flights, accommodations and tour packages during this period.

    What Is the Monsoon Season in India?

    The monsoon season in India typically runs from June to September, bringing lots of rain so if you do decide to travel at this time you will see the landscape transformed into a wonderful green paradise, making the experience more unique for the more adventurous travellers.

    When Is the Best Time of Year to See the Taj Mahal?

    The best time to visit the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra is during the cooler months of October to March. The mild weather means you can explore the stunning marble monument comfortably and the clear skies create conditions to take some amazing photos.

    When Is the Best Time to Visit the Himalayas?

    The best time to visit the Himalayas depends on your preferences.

    If you enjoy snow and winter sports then December to February is a good time to go.

    If you are looking for nice weather and lots of lovely flowers then visit during March to May.

    September to November will have clear skies and moderate temperatures which makes it a better time for trekking and having mountain adventures.

    Indian lady with pot on her head

    Explore India: A Treasure Trove of Experiences

    Apart from the seasonal wonders India is filled with incredible things to do and places to explore all year round. You can immerse yourself in the bustling markets of Delhi, sail along the backwaters of Kerala, watch the majestic Bengal tigers in their natural habitat if you're lucky and eat lots of wonderful street food.

    Each state offers unique experiences from camel rides in Rajasthan to serene houseboat stays in Kashmir. Discover the rich history of the Mughal Empire in Agra, the ancient caves of Ajanta and Ellora and the bustling markets of Mumbai.

    So, with all this information your next step is to pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable journey to India.

    Whether you want to immerse yourself in culture, breathtaking landscapes or want a spiritual awakening, this mesmerizing country will captivate your heart and leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

    Embrace the diversity, savour all the flavours and enjoy the warmth of India's hospitality as you travel.